Food Master eBook 
~ 2024 ~ Volume 4

This is the section where you can explore the variety of helpful groups that work to advance the industry through education, training, networking, advocacy, and more.

Many associations work on behalf of businesses that sell specific products; others stretch across the entire food and beverage industry to address issues, such as packaging, that affect all processors. You’ll also find a selection of organizations that serve importers and exporters, represent the many different categories of food processing equipment and supplies, and offer audits, certification, training, and consulting. Whatever their specific focus, these associations are essential resources for up-to-date information on laws, food standards, and rapid changes in the industry.

Part of the purpose of many of the groups is to raise the profile of the industry segment that they represent through numerous efforts, such as issuing reports on the state of the industry, offering media outreach and press releases, holding annual conferences and trade shows, and running contests to award innovation, sustainability, and other achievements.

For many sectors of the food and beverage manufacturing industry, these associations serve as the members’ voice on regulation, seeking to protect the businesses from any potential threats and representing their viewpoints in Washington and before state governments. The ultimate goal of these organizations is to ensure that their members have all of the tools and timely resources their businesses need to keep growing and thriving.

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