Food Master eBook 
~ 2024 ~ Volume 4

While food and beverage processors have in-house staff for many of their maintenance, cleaning, and other operational needs, they still hire outside companies for a number of tasks.

Those tasks can range from equipment maintenance to cleaning uniforms to delivery to pest control, and everything in between. If processors need a service it likely exists, no matter how narrow or specific it may be.

The range of providers varies widely as well. While OEMs often provide maintenance services or training for in-house staff to take care of production equipment, there are also independent maintenance providers who can offer support for more than one specific kind of equipment. Pest control ranges from local contractors to nationwide companies that can offer the same pest control services in multiple facilities in different locations or states.

Security and site protection services are often handled by outside companies as well, and they also offer options ranging from a local provider to larger companies that can handle a number of different locations.

Processors also often turn to service providers to recover from disasters or incidents such as spills, fires, or weather damage. While these relationships are often established in hopes they will never be needed, a contract with a recovery company ensures processors get the speed of response they need to get back up and running quickly.

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