Food Master eBook 
~ 2024 ~ Volume 4

Used equipment usually costs a fraction of the price of new machines, a potentially valuable alternative for many food, beverage, and agriculture processing operations, including cannabis and pet food businesses.

Equipment manufacturers and other suppliers offer used or refurbished versions of most any packaging or processing machine that plants need, along with equipment for material handling and refrigeration and freezing. You sometimes can buy multiple used or reconditioned pieces from one business or even an entire processing line.

While you should seek trusted companies to avoid potential issues with older equipment and ensure that you’re getting a quality product, the cost savings of seeking used equipment can make the effort worth it. Used equipment that’s in stock can ship to your building more quickly and speed your facility’s startup times. Just make sure that the design of the equipment you buy is current enough to meet food safety requirements and that the manufacturer still supports the models as well as offers readily available spare parts.

Plus you’ll want to discuss the service options to avoid downtime if a machine breaks down. Some suppliers can help you customize refurbished machines for your operation. Using recycled equipment and parts also could provide the added benefit of helping your company support its environmental and sustainability goals, such as efforts to reduce your facility’s carbon footprint. Some businesses in the directory also buy used equipment, so keep that in mind if you’re changing out machines and looking to sell some parts or equipment.

Whatever your needs, this section is your resource for finding used and refurbished equipment to meet them.

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